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    Top Rated Garage Construction Chicago & Garage Remodel Chicago

    Garage Builders Chicago is the leading provider of top-quality, reliable, and affordable garage construction in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Over the years, we have made our name synonymous with great customer service. How? We’ve made a habit of walking our clients through every step of the process, from choosing the right materials and planning out a project, to seeing the job through to completion. From new garage construction Chicago and whole-garage renovations, to repairs and door or roofing replacement, our experienced team of contractors has wide knowledge in all varieties of garage projects. Because we know how much of an investment in time and money a garage project can be, we take pride in handling the entire project and it’s details for our clients – from all required permit acquisition and needed compliances, through demolition of existing construction, concrete work, carpentry work, to the final electric installations, and complete site clean-up. Whether you are considering hip roof styles, gable styles, reverse gable styles, or need help just figuring out what options you have, we want this experience to be as stress-free and efficient as possible. So let the team at Garage Builders Chicago get to work for you today – we look forward to talking to you, walking through the wide range of possible options, and finally to delivering the garage construction Chicago experience that you surely deserve.

    Garage Builders Chicagoland

    new garage builders chicagoland

    New Garage Construction Chicago

    Building a whole new garage construction Chicago from scratch takes a lot of work. That’s why our garage contractors Chicago are specialists in everything you need, from cement to carpentry.

    garage remodel chicago il

    Garage Remodel Chicago

    Upgrading your garage is a great investment for any homeowner. We’ll help you transform the exterior and interior of your garage to meet your most demanding design specifications.

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    Garage Doors Chicago

    We take care of all garage doors issues. Adding an extra garage door or simply replacing old one will be taken care of in no time. We’ll handle everything while remaining in contact with you.

    3 type doors garage chicago

    Garage Siding Chicago

    Garage siding in Chicago can take quite a beating, so we always take care to install the highest quality siding to ensure maximum durability and a garage which will stand the test of time.

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    Garage Roofing Chicago

    Roofing is an essential part of your roofing project. That’s why we include roofing specialists on our team, to provide you with the strongest garage roofing in Chicago.

    garage construction repairs chicagoland

    Garage Construction Repairs Chicago

    If your garage has suffered damage, let our garage contractors Chicago fix it up good as new. Our experienced repair crew can handle damage no matter how severe.

    Garage Building and Garage Remodel in Chicagoland

    Here are a few of many projects we have completed for our customers. We provide a professional service
    which includes consultation, free estimate, design, supply of materials and installation.

    Why Choose Our Team of Garage Builders in Chicago?
    We always provide Free Estimates for Garage Construction and Garage Remodels in Chicago!

    Skilled Craftsmen

    For the most talented and dedicated garage contractors Chicago, look no further. We’re dedicated to high-quality installation and repairs every time.

    Professional Contractors

    Our garage contractors Chicago are true professionals, handling every job with courtesy, punctuality, and impeccable service from start to finish.

    Service With a Smile

    Customer service is our top priority, so you’ll always have a great experience working with our team on your garage construction Chicago.

    High-Quality Materials

    A garage is only as good as its materials, so we use high-quality siding, roofing, and construction materials in every job.

    Timely and Punctual Service

    Having your garage out of service is a hassle, so we always work hard to get your job done on time.

    Free, Accurate Estimates

    Every project starts with our free, accurate estimate so you’ll know what to expect and be able to budget accordingly.

    Garage Building Process With Chicago Garage Contractors Chicago

    garage door installment chicago

    Constructing a Garage Made to Last

    Garage construction isn’t as complicated as let’s say building a house nevertheless you have to follow several important guidelines to declare your project successful. High quality materials and workmanship are vital but before you even lift a single tool, you have to complete other steps. First one is planning. While drafting blueprints, you’ll need to consider type of construction (attached or detached), size and number of cars (to gauge measurements) and additional features (extra storage, loft doubling as living space, etc.). Now, you’re almost ready to start garage construction Chicago process. Why almost? Because, you’ll have to obtain relevant building permits first. Unfortunately, whether you build new construction from scratch or replace existing garage, you need to get them. Only then, you can proceed to the next stage, which is foundation pouring. Many homeowners wish, they could forget that part, as it’s pricy and time consuming. Keep in mind though that sturdy foundation keeps garage in place no matter the weather.

    Garage Construction Chicago Made Easy

    At last, you go to the funny part of garage building, mainly wall assembly. There are two ways to do this. Which one is better? Actually, whichever suits you best. You can either build walls standing directly on foundation or put them together on the ground and then raise into place. While doing so, don’t forget about framing overhead door header and top plate. When you have your walls standing, install outer sheathing. Your car doesn’t have to feel warm and cozy but if you plan to spend substantial amount of time in the garage, don’t forget about adding proper insulation. Next step consists of roof construction followed by windows installation (if project calls for it). Where are the garage doors, you may ask. If they are automatic, you’ll have to hook electricity first and then put them in place. Now final inspection. And voila, garage is ready!

    Take Advantage of Our Easy and Flexible Financing Options for Your New Garage Building Project in Chicago

    Garage renovations and new building projects can carry a high financial impact for any homeowner in the Chicagoland area. That’s why Stanley Garage Builders Chicago makes it easy to achieve your goals for a new garage. We have financing options that will suit your needs and keep your finances in your comfort zone.

    Maximize Your Garage Potential with the Right Garage Contractors Chicago & Financing for Chicago Homeowners

    At Stanley Garage Builders Chicago, our customers come first. On our initial visit, we’ll discuss everything you want to see in your new garage, from size to function, and all the added features you wish to include. Our garage experts will provide you with a detailed and accurate quote so you know what to expect right from the start, without any hidden costs or surprises after the project begins. From there, we can work on getting you the most flexible financing option in the Chicago area so your dream garage can be built before your eyes. We will work out a payment schedule that you can feel comfortable with at a very low interest rate. Contact us today and start your garage building experience with the most professional experts in the Chicago area and the financing option that’s right for you.

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    Call us for a free estimate

    We schedule a visit at your property

    We create designs fit for your garage and provide recommendations

    We establish the details, scope of work and timeline

    Our contractors begin garage work

    Garage Construction Chicago

    To build the perfect garage for your needs, there is no better option than our garage contractors Chicago. With years of experience behind each of our contractors at Stanley, we understand what needs to go into a great garage construction Chicago. From the planning phase to permits to the garage building itself, our specialists in garage construction Chicago will do it all to give you the best garage possible. Trust in the abilities of our garage contractors in Chicago and make Stanley your garage builders Chicago.

    FAQ - Our Team of Garage Builders Answer

    Do you charge for estimates?

    For garage construction or remodeling processes, we do not charge potential clients for on-site estimates. If by chance you wish to request an estimate, we invite you to fill out the official form on our website or contact our operators by phone.

    Do I need to get a building permit? If so, where do I get that permit from?

    To carry out any garage remodel in Chicago or in its suburbs, it is necessary that you have a building permit. Don’t worry about it, however, as we take care of all the paperwork, as well as compliance with permits and codes. By obtaining these permits, we can begin to prepare your garage space.


    Of course! Garage Builders Chicagoland work hand in hand with you to iron out whatever needs you have with your garage. We also keep in constant communication with your local municipality to make sure that everything goes according to what is legally established.

    What do I need to do to my site to make it ready for the day of the installation?

    After all the necessary paperwork for your garage rehab is collected prior to the arrival deadline of our experts, please have the potential construction area secured, which should be flat and easy to access. By doing this, you will allow our experienced garage builders to get their jobs done efficiently and quickly, resulting in the highest quality end product at the lowest price.

    Do you just build garages, or do you perform other services?

    Although our company is dedicated to the service of remodeling and construction of garages, we also offer other types of services. For more information, you can enter our website or contact our agents by phone.


    We invite you to go to the gallery section of our website to see our most recent projects. If you want to adapt one of our works to your home, we’ll gladly assist you!

    Testimonials of Our Garage Constructions

    • “These contractors built us an incredible garage earlier this year. Their construction was solid and their whole team was so friendly throughout the whole process, we loved working with them.”

    • “We always trust these guys with our garage repairs and construction. They’re more efficient, friendly, and affordable than literally any other contractor we’ve worked with in the past.”

    • “After these contractors installed a garage addition for us, we’ve known they were the team for us. Their whole team is super knowledgeable and they really take the time to keep us informed.”

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