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Garage Roof Installation & Garage Roof Replacement by Garage Contractors Chicago

A solid garage roof in Chicago is another important way to protect your investment against damage from the elements. At Garage Builders Chicago, we have the experience you need with roofing, so you can always trust us to install a solid, long-lasting roof for your garage. Our garage contractors Chicago recommend certain techniques for garage roofing, including narrow spacing between rafters and heavy shingles, in order to get the most out of your garage. Ultimately, of course, style is completely up to you. We use high-quality materials in every project, so you can always expect the best quality work.

Why Choose Our Garage Roof Installation Service

The Best Skill Level

This is garage roof replacement at the highest level with years of experience behind us. There is no one better for your garage roof than our garage builders Chicago.

Professional Approach

Being in business for many years, our garage builders Chicago understand that being a professional means treating people and treating the job right.

The Customer is Most Important

Our goal is always your satisfaction, so with our garage builders Chicago you not only get superior service but you also get a warm smile.

Types of Garage Roof Chicago Fell in Love With

Gable Garage Roof Chicago

Every part of a garage construction in Chicago can take on many forms and the roof is no exception. For a gable garage roof, our garage builders in Chicago will ensure that the gable or the highest point of the roof sits above the garage door to achieve the look you want.

Reverse Gable Garage Roof Chicago

For a reverse gable roof, also known as a side gable, your garage construction in Chicago will plan for the slope of the roof to hang above the garage door. This is an opposing angle to the regular gable garage roof noted above and it achieves a slightly different look.

Hip Garage Roof Chicago

The hip garage roof provides another roofing look entirely, as multiple roof sides all slope down away from the peak at different angles. This reduces the roofline to appear less obtrusive on the view of the home. While they work well to manage various weather patterns, this garage roof construction in Chicago does not make for great interior storage.

Patio Garage Roof Chicago

Just because it’s a garage roof doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. A patio garage roof creates a completely new space to use for more outdoor living space or entertaining. The great thing about this roof style is that it can offer views you can’t get from the ground floor.

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