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How To Coordinate Your Detached Garage with Your House

How To Coordinate Your Detached Garage with Your House

In terms of garage construction, a detached garage can be a fantastic solution. Not only does it provide additional extra storage and even workspace – the fact that it is separate from the house means there should not be any noise issues from all the power tools used when using the garage as a workshop.
One hitch in this beautiful plan would be having a detached garage that does not coordinate with the aesthetics of your existing home.  This is a recipe for disaster.
In the article below, we will lay out the elements required to make sure your home and your detached garage are perfectly suited to each other.

Consider Your Structural Layout
If you already have a detached garage and are looking at garage rehab, this is your most complicated component (and potentially impossible) unless you are willing to take on an enormous garage remodel.  On the other hand, if you are starting from scratch, this is your opportunity to lay out the space you always wanted.
When embarking upon garage construction, it is imperative to ensure that the design matches with the general architectural elements of your home.  For example, if your home is midcentury modern, your garage should be designed to echo the distinctive features.  The same applies to classic farmhouse, Victorian, or Craftsmen homes as well as any other specific home style.
Take care that all angles and lines of your detached garage, including ridge lines, are compatible and harmonious with those on your home; this element alone will contribute greatly to making sure the structures match.

 Match Your Siding
The siding on your home may be one of its most noticeable components.  All types of siding apply including wood, brick, or vinyl, they are all contributing to the curb appeal.
For this reason, it is crucial that your garage contractors use the same siding material on your detached garage as you have on your home.
Let’s specify this a bit more.
If your home has vinyl siding, you will want to locate and purchase the same exact vinyl siding.  You will need to search for two things, the same brand and the same color.  If you purchase a different brand or the same brand but a different shade, the results will be unsightly. Your garage builders will know the best way to install the siding, ensuring it results in the same look that your home already has.  Be sure to choose your garage contractors carefully as their knowledge and expertise are essential. The same theory applies to brick or stone siding.  Ensure the type, color, and layout are the same as your home’s.
If your home has wood siding, there are two important elements to consider. First, ensure the wood type and style are the same as that on your home.  Second, make sure that the finish you will apply on your garage wood siding matches the finish that was applied on your home’s wood siding.

Match Your Roofing
Though your siding is your home’s number one curb appeal element, your roof is number two.  In this case, it is also important that the roof on your detached garage matches the roof on your home.
There are two principal components to consider for roofing: color and material.
If there is sheet metal on your home’s roof, there should also be sheet metal on your detached garage’s roof.  The same goes for shingles.
If you have an older style of slate roof, it may be difficult to encounter the most appropriate match but in order to obtain attractive results, it is important to do so.
The color of your roof is the second important element to take into consideration.  This is particularly relevant for metal roofs.  It would be unfortunate to have a sky blue house roof and a bright green detached garage roof.
Shingle color must also be considered.  Shingle coloration is not monotone and it is crucial to use similar pigments for both your detached garage and your home!

Coordinate with Your Landscaping
Landscaping is another important element, and it is important to match that of your detached garage with the landscaping around your home.  Basically, this involves using the species of plants that are in the house’s landscaping and also ensuring that the color scheme of the shrubs and bushes coordinates with the color of the structures themselves.
Additionally, it is important to take into consideration the overall pattern and layout of the landscaping.  For example, if your home is landscaped with small trees, tall shrubs, and very little undergrowth, your garage landscaping should reflect this as well.  Along the same lines, if your home landscaping involves more flowers and undergrowth, your garage should also have more flowers and undergrowth.

 Match The Color Schemes
As the cherry on top, examine the color scheme for both your garage and your home.  Is your front door painted a deep teal shade?  Try to obtain a garage door the same color as your front door.  Does your house have red shutters?  Perhaps you would like to include red shutters on your detached garage as well.
Sit down and consider even the smallest details of your house design – it can all contribute to ensuring that your detached garage matches your house in an attractive way.


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  • Olivia Smart
    November 30, 2022, 11:34 pm REPLY

    Thank you for pointing out how you should try to coordinate it with your landscaping. I’ve been wondering what kind of steps I should be taking to have our garage fit with the rest of our home. I hadn’t thought about the landscaping, but I’ll be sure to consider this when making our final plans for our detached garage.


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